• Tammy Leach

Jill and Clives December Wedding

When Jill booked my services for her wedding in 2015, I was slightly nervous about my first Winter wedding. As any keen photographer will know, the most crucial element in photography is LIGHT. In England our summers are (on the whole) bright, long days of sunlight well into the evening, and this lends itself really well to natural light photography. In Winter however, it starts getting dark at about 3.30-4pm, and that can cause lighting challenges so you have to start really utilising your flash equipment. By this point in my journey I'd had a lot of practice with my off camera flash and was thoroughly prepared for the reduced light, and Jill and Clives wedding gave me my first opportunity to really test my skills.

The wedding ceremony and reception was held in The Manor Hotel, Datchet, and the bride was getting ready in one of the beautiful terraced cottages adjoining the hotel. Jills fun loving and warm nature is infectious and the atmosphere was instantly welcoming. I had a lovely time documenting the getting ready process and made myself busy snapping all the details that Jill had put so much thought into.

The ceremony was so touching, emotional and heart-warming in equal measure.

And the reception? Well it didn't disappoint! From a very funny speech delivered by Sophie, Jills daughter and bridesmaid, to the best mans good humoured but obligatory humiliation of the Clive, the groom, there was a lot of laughter and love in the room.

Thank you so much Jill and Clive for allowing me the honour of recording your incredibly beautiful wedding day.


If you would like to book in for photography with me please get in touch :-)

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